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Teen Victoria loves playing innocent

Sexy Teen Victoria has always loved that everyone thinks she’s a completely innocent girl who would never even consider being with a boy. She knows that deep down she makes everyone think that she’s sweet and nice because she loves proving them wrong when she’s on her own.

For example, her best friend’s father thought that she was the sweetest, most innocent girl who had ever been born, but she immediately changed his mind the last time she slept over her friend’s house while home on break. She had always thought that the dad was really hot, and she had caught him staring at her more than a few times.

Early in the morning, before her friend was up, she made the decision to let him catch her “innocently” looking out through the window in the living room. She had planned it perfectly and decided to only wear a pair of silky panties to show off her amazing tits, knowing he would be unable to stop himself from taking her.

She knew she would be able to play off her nudity by simply saying that it was hot and she didn’t think anyone would be up at such an early hour and give her most innocent smile. It almost worked too well when he walking into the room and saw her. What he wasn’t expecting, though, was that she would be completely bent over at the time and immediately step back to slowly slide her ass cheeks around his stiff and throbbing cock when he close.

She was right. He simply couldn’t resist her.




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