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Teen Tina Likes to Model

This cute and sexy teen, Tina, has always dreamed of being a model. She loves to show off her body and she certainly loves the attention that she gets from all the guys who ogle her when she wears her sexiest outfits.

She finally got the chance to show off her skills with a real, live photographer as soon as she turned 18, and she was absolutely ecstatic about it. Although she didn’t know a whole lot about the modeling industry and what it takes to succeed, she was willing to do anything that she had to do in order to get more work after her first outing.

During the photo shoot, she was a little more shy than she thought she would be when it came to showing off her skin for the camera. The photographer was really nice and super hot, but he seemed to get a little bored after the first hour and Tina was still weirded out by taking off her clothes.

Finally, the photographer seemed to give up trying to coax her out of her covers and told her that he had what he needed. The look on his face told Tina that she was ruining her opportunity and would never really be a model if she couldn’t impress him. That was when she realized that he was hard as a rock under his pants.

Without thinking, and trying not to stop herself, Tina immediately dropped to her knees in front of him. She moved quickly to unzip his pants and let his massive hardon fall out. She looked up into his eyes and asked for just a few more shots before wrapping her mouth around his thick cock and sucking the cum out of it. Needless to say, she got a few more jobs afterward.

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