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Teen Savanna Loves to Read

Young teen Savanna is a real, honest to god bookworm who spends most, if not all of her free time alone in her bedroom, hungrily ingesting the written word. She rarely goes outside and doesn’t really have any friends, except the ones that keep her company from the pages of her favorite books.

The best part about being a bookworm is that her parents never find a reason to think she’s causing any trouble. She’s a great daughter who gets straight A’s and never makes a sound when she’s sitting quietly in her room with her reading light on all night long. In fact, if they were to check her room, they wouldn’t find anything but rows and rows of books with dog ears and bookmarks signaling her favorite passages.

However, if they were to ever open one of those books up, they would see their precious little daughter as the slutty, sexual freak that she really is. It turns out that Savanna likes to buy the nastiest, smuttiest erotica books that she can find and cover them in innocent looking jackets so no one knows about her true desires.

Almost every day, she’s online looking for the dirtiest, kinkiest books that she can find and ordering them by the dozens. She likes to flip through them when they arrive to find the most taboo sex scenes and mark them for easy reference. Once she gets home from school, she pulls out her massive dildo from beneath her bed and reads them over and over while sliding it in and out of her tight, virgin pussy until she cums and squirts all over it . She takes a moment to relax, then flips to a new scene and does it all over again, all night long. Clever girl!


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