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Teen Rebekah Loves to Roleplay

Gorgeous teen Rebekah really comes alive when she steps into someone else’s shoes. She has always loved to play pretend, and even considered becoming an actress for a while, but that all changed when she learned that what she really likes about pretending to be a different person is learning exactly what gets them off.

No matter how sexual the person she pretends happens to be, Rebekah always finds a way to dial into it and bring it to the forefront of the personality. For example, when she roleplayed as Harley Quinn, she made absolutely sure that the woman had an insatiable lust for clowns and balloons. In fact, she put a lot of research into the balloon fetish and tried nothing else during her time as the character. She walked away with not only a profound understanding of the sexual appeal, but now has the fetish for her very own.

If you ever run into her on the street, make sure you look up which person she’s portraying before you approach her. Whoever she is for the day may make a huge difference in what you get up to behind closed doors. If you love to give up power in the bedroom, then stay away from her when she’s in her anime mood. She immediately becomes so submissive that she’ll do whatever you ask her to, no matter how crazy of kinky it might be! Oh, and if you see her as Harley again, make sure you keep all of the knives locked away in the drawer!

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