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Teen Pauline loves her stepdad

Young and sexy teen Pauline has always had a thing for her new stepdad, ever since her mother started dating him a year ago. He’s much younger than her mother, but she fell in love with his tight body after her divorce and Pauline took some notice of her own.

Besides the typical things that girls do when they want to sneak a peek, like walking into the bathroom and pretending not to know he was in the shower, she decided to take things one step further and see if he had taken any notice of her tight young body as well. She planned what she was going to do for a few weeks until the opportunity finally presented itself and took action.

She knew that he had a bad habit of leaving his phone behind when he went out with her mother, and she also knew that that would be her chance. As soon as they left the house, she scrambled to find it, and she sure enough did.

She raced back to her bedroom with it in hand and took some very revealing pictures of herself, and even went through a costume change to really show off her assets. Once she was done, she put his phone back where she found it and waited for his response.

She got it the next morning when she once again pretended to not know he was in the shower. What she saw this time was quite a happy shock. Rather than showering, he was holding his phone in one hand while scrolling through her pictures and stroking his clearly stiff and stick cock with the other. Needless to say, she couldn’t stop herself from smiling as she back out of the room. The next day, he “accidentally” left his phone again.

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