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Teen Olivia loves to love herself

Olivia may be a teen, but she’s a teen who knows every inch of her own body and exactly how it should be touched. She discovered her own sexuality much earlier than most girls and she has been exploring it ever since. Whether she’s alone or in the company of one of her many adventurous friends, she can always find new and exciting ways to make her nerves light up in orgasmic loveliness.
Busy as she is with her social life and typical commitments, she always makes sure to take time for herself out of every single day. When she wakes up in the morning, even if she’s running late, she always lays in bed for at least twenty minutes. It’s in this time that she greets her body and reconnects it with her mind and emotions through self-pleasure. She always takes her time and she always makes sure that she gets out of bed completely satisfied and ready to greet the day with a smile that no one else in the world could ever hope to understand.
Although she’s no stranger to the wonderful feelings of another person’s sensual touch and connection, she admits that when she wants to reach the absolute peak of ecstasy, she prefers to be alone. She simply can’t get past the fact that no one in the world will ever know how to pleasure her young, taught body as well as she can do it, and she is never too tired or busy to keep up her practice.
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