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Teen Melissa Sneaks into the Sauna

Sexy teen Melissa has been going to the gym with her older sister since she turned 18 earlier this year. She always enjoys working out with her and getting her muscles nice and sore before hitting the showers and feeling the cool water cascade all over her body.

The one problem was that Melissa could never keep her eyes off of the hot, ripped guys who would work out next to her.  On occasion, if a really hot young guy was running or lifting weights and she could smell is sweat covered body and hear his moans, she would wait until the showers were empty and let her hands explore her flushed body after her workout.

That was until she found out that there was a sauna for the men who used the gym. She began to get curious about what went on inside, but she knew that she wasn’t allowed to go in. However, that changed one day when she was next to the hottest guy she had ever seen in her life and she just couldn’t control herself.

She spent her entire workout imagining him sliding himself into her wet, aching pussy and just needed to see what he looked like naked. After he finished, she followed him to the sauna and, with her body shaking with nerves, she opened the door after him and walked in.

She was immediately greeted by three men, completely naked and enjoying the steam. Her pussy took over her body and she dropped her robe right there. The three men saw her and were kind enough  to take a few pictures of her before they each chose a hole and gave Melissa her very first gang bang.

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