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Teen Lisa Loves Solitude

Say what you will about Lisa, but chances are that she won’t even care. You see, Lisa is something of a wallflower or an introvert. After school, she has no interest in hanging out with friends or going to parties. Her one desire throughout the day is simply to get home and be alone with her thoughts. Well, that is to say, be alone with her fantasies and her own nimble fingers.

Lisa loves to pleasure her own body and she does it in the only way that a true introvert would. She doesn’t enjoy regular porn because it’s too personal. She only watches voyeur videos and webcams. To her, there’s just something about secretly watching another person touch themselves that gets her sopping wet. Sometimes she’ll watch men and sometimes she’ll watch women. When she’s very, very lucky she’ll even watch her own real live neighbor pleasuring herself through her bedroom window.

She watches with her lights down low and follows along with her movements, pretending that it’s really her body that her neighbor is touching. She lightly runs her fingers all over her soft skin and cups her breasts in her hands. She then slowly glides her hand down her tummy and over her pelvis, perfectly in time with her neighbor.

Once her fingers reach her dripping pussy, she lets them explore with her eyes locked on her neighbor’s gorgeous body. She pays special attention to her breathing and matches her pleasure. When the time is right, she releases her intense orgasm and lets it pulse through her body to cum with her secret lover.


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