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Teen Kitty Loves Christmas

Teen Kitty comes from a very wealthy family and she absolutely loves Christmas. You may think that it’s because her family can buy her the very best presents, but you would be very wrong.

Two Christmases ago, Kitty was hanging out with her very best friend. They had always spent a lot of time together and were extremely close. They shared everything from clothes to secrets to the knowledge that they were both still virgins.

They had gotten to talking one night and her friend brought up the fact that neither one of them had had sex and they were really curious as to what it was like. Neither girl thought she was a lesbian, but they both made a pact that if they hadn’t had sex before the holiday, they would show each other what a real orgasm felt like.

The night before Christmas, Kitty had butterflies in her stomach because she really didn’t know if her friend planned to go through with it. That completely changed at midnight when she opened her present from her and found a pair of her friend’s panties in it! She explained that she wrapped them up to show her that she hadn’t been wearing any all night long. She slipped her hand down her pants and showed Kitty how wet the thought of having sex was making her.

The two immediately started kissing and Kitty slid her hand down her friend’s pants and gave her her first real orgasm. The next year they both made absolutely sure to stay virgins, and when Christmas rolled around again, they were right back at it, experimenting with the ways of true love.

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