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Teen Jessie Loves Her Best Friend

Teen Jessie has always had a very close relationship with her best friend, Michaela. In fact, since the two were always together and always giggling alone behind closed doors, their parents thought that maybe they were too close with each other.

That never bothered either one of the girls, though, because they both knew that their friendship was platonic and that both of them liked boys.  They knew that because they would often sneak pictures of naked men and talk about all of the nasty things that they would do with them while they both giggled next to each other on the bed with the door closed tightly behind them.

They would both get into the pictures that they were looking at so much, that while sitting right next to each other, one of the girls would often slip her hand down her own pants and gently stroke her virgin pussy while the other girl flipped through different ones for her and ran her fingers through her hair  until the stroking came to a trembling, orgasmic conclusion.

Again, they knew that weren’t gay, they were just helping each other out, even when Michaela sprained her wrist and was unable to pleasure herself. Jessie was right there with her, every single night, flipping through the pictures of hot, naked men with her own hand down Michaela’s pants, running her fingers over her lips and around her clit. She even went so far as to slip her fingers into her friend’s sopping wet pussy and held her close against her body while she shook and sweat and had the most intense orgasm of her life. You know, just typical girl stuff.jessie2 jessie1

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