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Teen Gloria Needed the Money

Sexy teen Gloria has always been a flirty girl, but she really kicked it into overdrive once she turned 18. She would always make a point of shaking her ass or finding a reason to bend over in front of any guy that she happened to come across and she always loved the attention that it got her.

One of the main focuses of her flirty and naughty behavior was with her best friend’s father. She always had the feeling that he was checking her out from a distance, and it always gave her a thrill, but she was never expecting what he was about to offer her.

Her flirting was always a way toke her fell better about herself, but she never really had any intention of having sex with any of the guys. In fact, she had never had sex with anyone. That all changed when her friend’s father approached her with an offer.

It turned out that he was madly in love with her and through about her every single night. He said that he couldn’t hold himself back anymore and offered her quite a bit of money for one night alone with him in a hotel room before she left for college.

Of course, a young girl about to leave home couldn’t turn down the money he was offering, so she happily agreed. She met him at an out of the way hotel where he started off by taking a few pictures of her to remember her while she was gone. All of the attention turned her on so much that she wasn’t even nervous when he took her virginity. In fact, she said he can visit her at college anytime he missed her.

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