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Teen Alex is a Dork

Sexy teen Alex has never been popular with the other girls. They always call her a dork for wearing glasses and being quiet. She never gets to hang out with any of them, and it’s always the worst during gym class when none of them want her on their team. She’s nowhere near as athletic as the other girls, so she always finds herself alone in a corner while the others have fun.

Having so much time alone, however, has helped her to come up with new and fun ways to deal with them. For the past few weeks, Alex has managed to sneak away from the gym while everyone else was preoccupied and make her way into the locker room. She was really nervous at first and trying not to get caught, but she had the great idea of going through the other girls’ stuff and finding their boyfriends numbers in their phones.

She knew exactly what she wanted to do and copied down the numbers into her own phone. Once she got home, she quickly ran to her bedroom and stripped off all of her clothes. She took picture after picture of her tight little body and sent them off to every single boyfriend that she could find.

She thought some guys might be angry, but no one even asked questions. They just asked her for more pictures, which she happily sent along. That night, every single boyfriend of a mean girl thought about her while having sex and she l0ved it.

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