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Teen Pauline loves her stepdad

Young and sexy teen Pauline has always had a thing for her new stepdad, ever since her mother started dating him a year ago. He’s much younger than her mother, but she fell in love with his tight body after her divorce and Pauline took some notice of her own. Besides the typical things that […]

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Teen Victoria loves playing innocent

Sexy Teen Victoria has always loved that everyone thinks she’s a completely innocent girl who would never even consider being with a boy. She knows that deep down she makes everyone think that she’s sweet and nice because she loves proving them wrong when she’s on her own. For example, her best friend’s father thought […]

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Teen Tina Likes to Model

This cute and sexy teen, Tina, has always dreamed of being a model. She loves to show off her body and she certainly loves the attention that she gets from all the guys who ogle her when she wears her sexiest outfits. She finally got the chance to show off her skills with a real, […]

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Teen Ashley Loves Fun

Super cute and sexy teen Ashley is a very fun loving girl and everyone knows it. Whenever she’s together with her friends, she’s always the life of the party and she always comes up with ways to make everything fun. For instance, the last time Ashley had a bunch of friends over, they decided to […]

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Teen Mae Has an Attitude Problem

Teen Mae has always had a bit of an attitude problem. No matter who it is or what they’re telling her, she just hates to do what she’s told or listen to criticism. Luckily, she’s a real self-starter, so she can put her money where her mouth is. For instance, a few weeks ago, someone […]

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