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Teen Pauline loves her stepdad

Young and sexy teen Pauline has always had a thing for her new stepdad, ever since her mother started dating him a year ago. He’s much younger than her mother, but she fell in love with his tight body after her divorce and Pauline took some notice of her own. Besides the typical things that […]

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Teen Kitty Loves Christmas

Teen Kitty comes from a very wealthy family and she absolutely loves Christmas. You may think that it’s because her family can buy her the very best presents, but you would be very wrong. Two Christmases ago, Kitty was hanging out with her very best friend. They had always spent a lot of time together […]

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Teen Savanna Loves to Read

Young teen Savanna is a real, honest to god bookworm who spends most, if not all of her free time alone in her bedroom, hungrily ingesting the written word. She rarely goes outside and doesn’t really have any friends, except the ones that keep her company from the pages of her favorite books. The best […]

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Teen Jessie Loves Her Best Friend

Teen Jessie has always had a very close relationship with her best friend, Michaela. In fact, since the two were always together and always giggling alone behind closed doors, their parents thought that maybe they were too close with each other. That never bothered either one of the girls, though, because they both knew that […]

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Teen Nika Loves to Serve

Sexy young teen Nika has always felt the innate need to make men happy and she has been following that desire for as long as she can remember. The first time that she really felt that she had found herself and her true calling was with her best friend. The two had known each other […]

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