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Sexy Shaye Bennett Fucked on Video

Sexy Teen Shaye Bennett is a hot blonde girl that gets fucked on this video.  Shaye Bennett is very hot and nervous she is getting fucked on film for the first time.  Her outfit is great, she is wearing a nice striped red tank tube with super tight white shorts.  This outfit lets us know what we are in store for when she gets naked in a little bit.

Shaye Bennett getting Fucked

Shaye Bennett getting Fucked

While this is the first video Shaye Bennett has getting fucked by a guy, she is not new to the porn industry.  Shaye Bennett has a number of videos out there where she has done lesbian scenes.  Actually she has done a lot of lesbian videos with some really hot girls.  If you like what you see after watching her with a guy, make sure to find some of her other stuff.


This video starts out like a lot of others. Shaye tells us a bit about herself and does look nervous.  At the 56 second mark the video cuts from her interview and shows her with her top slid down and sucking a big white dick. She also has her short shorts pulled down to her knee’s.  After Shaye has gotten her fill of huge cock in her mouth the video flashes to her getting fucked and riding a dick reverse cowgirl (one of my favorite positions)

Shaye Bennett then gets fucked on her back.  While she is not the most vocal girl I have seen in a porn film, she seems to be enjoying it and not making the sucking in of air sound that I fucking hate.  Finally Shaye gets bent over and fucked from behind doggy style.  Shaye has a great ass so this is a good seen. The dude who is fucking her is also spanking that near perfect ass while he slides in and out.  Talk about fun.  The video finally ends with Shaye Bennett taking a load of cum on her face and in her mouth.  Enjoy!





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